General Rules

(a) Moral issues : Students are strictly forbidden to introduce objectionable literature, or undesirable audio or video material, or to make purchases of any goods whatsoever from unauthorized dealers in or near the school premises.

(b) Parental interest : Parents are expected to co-operate in the working and in the interest of the school, parents in particular must enforce a high standard of discipline through insisting that their children are regular and punctual in attending their classes, in evincing interest in their children’s academic progress, through checking that in their written work and in their manner of dressing they maintain a high standard of neatness, and through extending their full encouragement to their children’s participation in the co and extracurricular activities of the school. Children under no condition will be allowed to use two wheelers as a mode of transport to school. Any student found guilty of the above shall face termination from school.

(c) English : Parents as well as the members of the school staff expect that each student will make the most of the unique opportunities available to him of perfecting his command of spoken English. He must therefore endeavour to converse in English at all times.

(d) Valuables : Student having in their possession such valuables as expensive watches, electronic gadgets or large sums of money run the risk of losing them in one way or other. For such loss, the school refuses to accept any responsibility whatsoever.

(e) Absence Without Leave : Should any student be absent from class on ten consecutive calendar days without prior notification in writing and with the permission of the Principal, his name will be cancelled from the school Register.
Fee if any, paid on his behalf will not refundable. If readmitted, all dues incidental to the admission of a new student must be paid on his behalf be obtained.
The Principal accepts no responsibility for informing any parents of the absence from class of their child, nor for any accident or injury that might happen to him during such absence.

(f) The Regularly Irregular : Students who are persistently unpunctual and irregular in attendance will at first be warned and next suspended. Finally if no improvement follows, Their parents will be directed to withdraw them from the school.

(g) Official uniformity : Uniforms are to be purchased from the official suppliers, as notified annually and as approved by the Managing Committee, and from no other suppliers. When a student is found wearing a uniform which does not conform to the stipulated standard and which has been tailored by a non official supplier, the school will have him supplied immediately with a new uniform, for which his parents will be charged in the next bill.

(h) Deference : It is expected of all students that they show due respect to their teachers and to all members of the staff, to parents and well-wishers of the school and to all casual guests who come in campus on sightseeing visits.

(i) Respect : A student in uniform bears on his back the prestige of the institution it represents. Hence all students must bear in mind that once they-wear the school blazer in public, they are obliged to wear as well the official shirt, tie, pants or skirt and shoes that comprise the full uniform. Uniforms must never be shabby but must always be neat and tidy. A student in uniform is an ambassador of the school, to which he or she brings honour by his/ ner behaviour.

(j) Vested Power : Acting on behalf of the Managing Committee, the Principal in empowered to waive any of the Rules in this prospectus without assigning any reason for her action.

(k) Managerial power : The interpretation of any Rule in this prospectus, as well as any amendment of it, rests solely and entirely with the Managing Committee of the School. Their interpretation shall be final and binding on parents and guardians and in no case shall lie in any court of law in respect of their decision.
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