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Celebrating Krishna Jamashtami…

Happy Janmashtami!

Prescribed NCERT Books

Class Subject Book
I English Marigold
I Mathematics Math-Magics
I Hindi Rimjhim
II English Marigold
II Mathematics Math-Magics
II Hindi Rimjhim
III English Marigold
III Mathematics Math-Magics
III Hindi Rimjhim
III EVS Looking Around
IV English Marigold
IV Mathematics Math-Magics
IV Hindi Rimjhim
IV EVS Looking Around
V English Marigold
V Mathematics Math-Magics
V Hindi Rimjhim
V EVS Looking Around
VI English HoneySuckle
VI English (Supple) A Pact with the Sun
VI Mathematics Mathematics
VI Hindi Vasant
VI Hindi (Supple) Bal Ram Katha
VI Science Science
VI History History – Our Past
VI Geography The Earth Our Habitat
VI Social Science Social and Political Life-I
VI Sanskrit Ruchira – I
VII English Honeycomb
VII English (Supple) An Alienhand Hand
VII Mathematics Mathematics
VII Hindi Vasant – II
VII Hindi (Supple) Bal Mahabharat Katha
VII Science Science
VII History Our Past – II
VII Geography Our Environment
VII Social Science Social and Political Life-II
VII Sanskrit Ruchira – II
VIII English Honey Dew
VIII English (Supple) It so Happened
VIII Mathematics Mathematics
VIII Hindi Vasant
VIII Hindi Bharat Ki Khoj
VIII Science Science
VIII History Our Past – III Part(I, II)
VIII Geography Resource & Development
VIII Social Science Social and Political Life-III
VIII Sanskrit Ruchira – III
IX English Beehive
IX English (Supple) Moments
IX Mathematics Mathematics
IX Hindi Kshitij
IX Hindi (Supple) Kritika
IX Science Science
IX History India & Comtemprary World – I
IX Geography Contemporary India
IX Economics Economics
IX Civics Democratic Politics
X English English Course Communicative
X English Workbook
X Mathematics Mathematics
X Hindi Kshitij
X Hindi (Supple) Kritika
X Science Science
X History India & Contemporary World – II
X Geography Contemporary India
X Economics Understanding Economic Development
X Civics Democratic Politics II
XI Hindi (Core) Aroh
XI Hindi (Core) Suppl. Vitan
XI English (Core) Hornbill
XI English (Core) Suppl. Snapshot
XI Mathematics Mathematics
XI Biology Biology
XI Chemistry Chemistry (Part I, II)
XI Physics Physics (Part I, II)
XI History Themes of World History
XI Economics Eco. Statistics
XI Economics Indian Eco. Development
XI Political Science Indian Constitution at Work
XI Political Science Pol. Theory
XI Business Studies Business Studies
XI Accountancy Accountancy (Part I, II)
XII Hindi (Core) Aaroh
XII Hindi (Core) Suppl. Vitan
XII English (Core) Flamingo
XII English (Core) Suppl. Vistas
XII Mathematics Mathematics (Part I, II)
XII Biology Biology
XII Chemistry Chemistry (Part I, II)
XII Physics Physics (Part I, II)
XII History Themes In Indian History (Part I, II, III)
XII Economics Microeconomics
XII Economics Macroeconomics
XII Political Science Contemporary World Politics
XII Political Science Social Change in India
XII Business Studies Business Studies (Part I, II)
XII Accountancy Accountancy (Part I, II)

Happy Raksha Bandhan!

This is a bond of love, a bond of togetherness, it’s a thread that bind’s our life and our hearts.

Help Kerala!

Eid Mubarak!

Nurture Environment Day at NVS…Celebrated with Zeal

Independence Day Celebration 2018


Books For Students Other Than NCERT(SUGGESTED)

 1 English Grammar 1 205/-
Environmental studies 1 215/-
G.K. 1 125/-
Computer 1 165/-
2 English Grammar 2 225/-
Hindi Grammar 2 160/-
G.K. 2 130/-
Computer 2 180/-
E.V.S. 2 215/-
3 Social Studies 3 315/-
English Grammar 3 245/-
G.K. 3 140/-
Computer 3 200/-
Hindi Grammar 3 185/-
Science 3 298/-
4 Computer 4 220/-
Science 4 305/-
Social Studies 4 335/-
Hindi Grammar 4 190/-


G.K. 4 150/-
English Grammar 4 270/-
5 Science 5 310/-
Social Science 5 340/-
Hindi Grammar 5 215/-
English Grammar 5 299/-
G.K. 5 160/-
Computer 5 240/-
6 G.K. 6 160/-
Computer 6 300/-
English Grammar 6 310/-
Hindi Grammar 6 225/-
7 G.K. 7 170/-
Computer 7 320/-
Hindi Grammar 7 260/-
English Grammar 7 320/-
8 Computer 8 330/-
Hindi Grammar 8 280/-
English Grammar 8 330/-
G.K. 8 170/-
9 Computer 9 419/-
10 Hindi Grammar 10 270/-
Computer 10 450/-
11 NCERT 11
English All in One 11 410/-
12 NCERT 12
English All in One 12 390/-