Rules & Regulations


(a) The School reserves the right to refuse admission without giving any reason for the refusal. Admission is granted at the discretion of the Principal. When admission is granted, full fee must be paid within 24 hours. Fee is not refundable, transferable or adjustable.

(b) When a student, who has been selected for admission and on whose behalf all dues associated here with have been remitted, is withdrawn before the date of reopening, or without notice and permission fails to arrive within three days there of, he forfeits his right to admission as well as all dues remitted on his behalf.

(c) No child will be admitted without his Birth Registration Certificate in Original, his Transfer Certificate from the last school attended by him and should a prospective candidate fail to produce these documents as and when required his admission shall be refused and all fee deposited on account thereof shall not be refundable.


(a) Three calendar months written notice must be given of intended withdrawal of the child from school of else three months fee will be charged. Withdrawal letters in duplicate must be submitted personally and a receipt obtained. If a student is withdrawn from school in April, fee for the months of May and June will be charged. And so on for withdrawals in months to follow.

(b) The management, acting through the Principal, reserves to it-self the right of asking of the withdrawal of any child for whose correction the ordinary means are, in their judgement, found ineffectual. Continued illness, offences against honesty or morality, the use of bad language or of drugs or liquor, smoking or unsociability will expose the offender to immediate removal. In such cases the Principal is not bound to give reasons for the action taken.

(c) Parents or guardians who persistently disobey the school rules or who are constantly over-demanding in attitude, or who are ,invariably captious and critical in their dealings with the school authorities or members of the staff, will be deemed unco-operative. In the absence of possibility of a viable workingrelationship with them to the advantage of their children therefore, the Principal has a right to demand the withdrawal of the latter.

(d) Should any student, fail to return to school on re-opening after any vacation period, he/she is likely to forfeit his/her place in the school-unless prior intimation has been given and permission sought for extension of leave.

(e) Students on their way to and from the school are expected to deport themselves in a responsible manner. Any child who fails to confirm to -accepted traditional and conventional standards to gentle-maliness in conduct and deportment, especially when in school uniform exposes himself to the danger of immediate and compulsory withdrawal from the school.

(f) It is demanded of each student that he/she participate in any or all of the extracurricular or co-curricular activities of the school when called on to do so. Without exemption from the Principal, a student’s refusal to comply in this matter will entail his immediate and compulsory withdrawal from the school. This rule applies to all the students.

(g) When parents of students are called to the school office by the Principal to discuss aspects of their children’s academic performance or general e-aviour, they must assume that the reasons for such a call are of considerable importance or urgency. Hence unless their co-operation is immediate and wholehearted, they shall be obliged to
their children from the school.


This may be effected on any one of the following grounds and the decision of the school will be final and binding on the parent concerned.

a.Continuous weakness. in studies; despite the school’s efforts to help the child.
b.absence without sanctioned leave.
c.behaviour problems which persist despite the school’s efforts.
d.behaviour trails detrimental to the Class/Schools climate.
e.being over-age for any class.
f.non-payment of fee or chronic irregularity in the payment as per schedule.
g.moral breach is considered a serious offence by the school.
h.non-serious attitude and persistent negligence of school programmes,regulations and work by the pupil.
i.non-co-operation of parents in the welfare of the child.


The school insists on punctuality. Please ensure that your child is at School on time. Children should be collected from school not later than 10 minutes after school get’s over, i.e. at 12.00 p.m. of 1.30 p.m. as the case may be to avoid disturbing the class, and for security reasons, children should not be picked up from school before school gives over.


Students whose conduct and application has been satisfactory during the month and whose presence is not required on campus for any official activity or function will be allowed to leave on presenting an application prior to leave.


It is an oft-repeated maxim at school assemblies that each student is entitled to his peace of mind. Therefore, he is advised that he has not only the right but the obligation to protest openly or to speak privately to Staff or the Principal against any situation or individual causing him unhappiness through no-fault of his. Because of this, students are all the more conscious of their legitimate rights. Open confrontation frequently defuses what might otherwise be an explosive situation, Petty tale-bearing is entirely eliminated, and a healthy, spirit of openness and honesty is inculcated.

We are very particular about the child’s regular attendance in school. A child’s absence from school due to social engagements is not encouraged. If a child is absent due to illness or some other reason then kindly inform the school by sending a ‘Leave Letter’ to the class teacher. If a child is absent from the school for one month without any intimation, then the child’s name will be struck off the rolls.
Re-admission will be granted on payment of Admission Fee.


(a) While all reasonable care will be exercised in the supervision of the students and while all normal precautions will be taken to safeguard them from danger, the Management accepts no responsibility, moral or legal, for injuries or accidents sustained by the student while he is a member of the school.

(b) A medical certificate to the effect that a child is not suffering from any infectious disease or constitutional disorder unfitting him must be sent to the Principal before a new student can be admitted.

(c) A student who has suffered from an infectious disease during any vacation shall not be permitted to return until he is certified medically clear both by his family doctor and by the Medical Officer of the School. Failure to report such matters, especially during the term, may result in the dismissal of a student.


Though sufficient care is taken, the school is not responsible for any accident or injury that may occur in or around the school premises, or on excursions, or when travelling to or from the school by the school’s own or rented buses, taxis, car pools etc.


Most of the School’s expenditure is sought to be met from the fee. In case of a revision of emoluments of the members of our staff and any other major expenditure, the Management is obliged to revise the fee.


On the teaching faculty we have members belonging to a great number of states of the country and representing most faiths. The institution attempts to function as a big family. Our support to staff members are addressed respectfully as individuals rather than the feudal namelessness of the designation “peon”.
“Class four” or “Sweeper”. All the members of the staff are expected to be approachable to pupils as well as parents.