Students Instructions

No student is admitted to the school bus or into the school compound without the prescribed uniform. Parents are requested to go through the details of the uniform as displayed on the bulletin board in the school office.

Strict adherence to the following specifications is expected from the pupils

1.In summer girls and boys wear white open-collar shirt with short-sleeves.

2.Long sleeve shirts are not allowed except in Winter.

3.Girls wear grey divided skirts.

4.Boys wear grey half-pants up to and inclusive of Class VII. However, those over 155 cm in Class VII may wear trousers.

5.Blue socks.

6.Shoes have to be black made of leather.

7.Every pupil must wear the belt and tie prescribed by the School.

8.Every pupil must bring a handkerchief with him/her to the school.

9.Winter uniform requires a navy blue coloured pullover. This may have full-sleeves or be without sleeves.Front open woollens are a must.

10.The knitting has to be in simple stocking stitch. No designs and variations will be allowed.

11.Navy blue coloured muffler.

12.It is necessary that all clothes have the initials of the pupil marked or stitched on them.

13.No jewellery is permitted.

14.Pupils with unkempt hair can be prevented from attending the school.

15.Pupils may be debarred from playing if they do not wear the prescribed sports wear.