The single most important factor that the N.V.S. values highly is the most intangible of all the school’s atmosphere. Children cannot always point at the components that make them feel so much at home at school; but they have a feeling of security and a sense of belonging here. No one fears the school or the Principal. The climate is such that pupils move about the school with confidence and talk with ease even when within the hearing range of their teachers. The principal is approachable. Symbolic of this is the way the door to her office is wide open for most of the day. Tiny tots from Nursery and boys and girls from senior classes simply walk into the office to complain, consult, share an anxiety or a piece of information or good news. Parents are requested to meet the principal by appointment in order to ensure that she is free when they come, as also to allow her time to do the necessary “home-work” before meeting them.