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Cotton Pasting Activity(Prep II)


I -A I Shreya Tewari Yellow I -B I Rudra Blue
I -A II Ashwani Kumar Blue I -B II Darshika Adhikari Green
I -A III Paarth Jantwal Green I -B III Riya Saini Red
II -A I Vedant Green II -B I Jaivardhan Red
II -A II Harshveer Blue II -B II Saksham Blue
II -A III Anjali Red II -B III Shresth Red
III -A I Jivesh Bhandari Red III -B I Nishtha Jain Green
III -A II Priyansh Gupta Blue III -B II Anjan Yellow
III -A III Vinit Rana Red III -B III Vivek Ghariya Blue
IV -A I Aashima Red IV -B I Samhita Sharma Red
IV -A II Anushka Blue IV -B II Varnika Joshi Yellow
IV -A III Zoya Green IV -B III Vidisha Katiyar Green
IV -C I Shashank Kharayat Red V -A I Bhavishya Bhandari Red
IV -C II Jaskaran Singh Green V -A II Kunal Pant Yellow
IV -C III Esha Agarwal Yellow V -A III Inderpreet Singh Yellow
V -B I Khushi Singh Yellow V -C I Zohra Suhail Blue
V -B II Ragini Sati Blue V -C II Ramesth Bhatt Yellow
V -B III Tushar Batra Yellow V -C III Kartikay Karanwal Yellow

Slogan Competition held on 17 April 2015

Holi Celebrations

Farewell Celebration at School

Republic Day Celebration

Naini Valley School celebrated the 66th Republic Day. On this auspicious day the flag was unfurled by ma’am Principal Mrs. Sangeeta Goel and speech was delivered by her to encourage the children. The Student expressed their feeling of patriotism in the form of dance, speech and singing.

Christmas Day celebration at school

At P.S.A(public school association) tournament Dikshant International Haldwani

In Table tennis-

Date of tournament:-                   5, 6 Dec

Venue of tournament:-                Dikshant international school


  1. XI-A      Saurav Martolia                                              Ist in singles

Details of the match:-

Final Game Best of three

Won by 2-1   From Maharishi Vidya Mandir



  1. XII-A     Shubham Singh & Vineet Jangpangi               Ist in doubles

Details of the match:-

Final Game Best of three

Won by 2-1   From Birla



NVS Students Sports Achievements

Students and Teachers pays a tribute to students of Pakistani School

Dear Parents And Children, With a heavy heart I pour out my words. 16th December seems to be the black day in the history of mankind where almost 142 children and teachers were slaughtered cold bloodedly in Peshawar. I strongly condemn such inhuman acts shown by a group of millitants who have no agenda. This is the time when all of us should forget the boundaries of countries and religion and come forward to condemn international terrorism which is a big threat to humanity. We all pray to god almighty to offer peace to untimely departed souls in heaven.